DEPP,JOHNNY ACLU WILL BE PAID $38,000 ... Despite His Victory OverAmber

The irony is that after she lied about donating half of her divorce settlement to the ACLU 

Amber Heard lost Johnny Depp's defamation suit, which has now been awarded to the ACLU for $38,000, but not Amber. 

So here's what happened... Johnny's legal team subpoenaed ACLU documents to prove Amber never paid the money 

They had to produce 1900 documents and it took a lot of time, according to the ACLU

. Organizers asked the judge to order Johnny to pay $86,000 for the time and expenses associated with the production of the document. 

The Johnny's lawyers called BS, saying the bill was "exorbitant and unreasonable." The judge agreed with Johnny and cut the bill in half, so Johnny now has to pay $38,000. 

Johnny won the case against Amber, so you might think she would have to pay the costs incurred to reach a verdict ... 

one that would leave her on the wrong side of Johnny's defamation lawsuit. Unfortunately, Johnny has to pay because that isn't the law.

The problem is, Johnny doesn't seem inclined to go to the mat and make Amber pay the $8.35M net judgment. Although he won, he's left holding the bag with the ACLU.