Deshaun Watson's suspension decision NFLPA fears NFL Browns will forever discipline QB

Deshaun Watson has solved 20 of the 24 civil cases that accuse him of sexual abuse, but the Browns quarterback is not out of the woods when it comes to NFL discipline.

 While the former Texas star has sworn innocence in public and prosecuted prosecutors for alleged abuse during private massage therapy

 the NFL Players' Association fears that NFL Watson will stop during the 2022 season, if not forever, according to a professional football network.

This reflects a report in The Washington Post, which said last week that Watson's camp expects the NFL to declare it "deserves to be suspended for at least the entire season

and that league officials are likely to seek a "recorded" punishment

 QB. According to Aaron Wilson, the Browns are waiting for a "long suspension" for their new starter and are expected to continue with new reinforcements Jacoby Brissett as an emergency number

1, if Watson is suspended for most of 2022 or all year.