Shohei Ohtani of the Angels should be given strong consideration for the American League MVP award due to an East Coast bias. 

I have looked everywhere and tried my hardest to find a reason to choose Aaron Judge as the MVP, but I have been unsuccessful. 

Since I am not eligible for the NL Rookie of the Year poll this year, I am free to affirm my opinion on the topic. I'm not mad at all. 

To win the MVP, the Yankees must commit massive cheating. Since genuinely winning the award in 1985 with Don Mattingly, Alex Rodriguez has been their only MVP 

Despite hitting 40 points higher, Judge is having Roger Maris' season. Additionally, Judge is batting without Mickey Mantle's support. Judge has observed all of the other excellent Yankees. 

However, the voting group as a wholeEach prize is decided by the voters of each team's city. That includes New York, the world's most renowned city. 

More MVP honours are won by the Angels than they do playoff games. Personal hardware has a 10-year winning streak. 

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