Dick Butkus of the Bears has a three-word message

 Dick Butkus, a Bears legend, has a three-word message for Aaron Rodgers.

Dick Butkus, a former player for the Chicago Bears, was very critical of Green Bay.

The  Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers before the NFL season even began. He brought up that statement again on Wednesday night.

In a tweet from the end of August, Butkus said: "Boy, I hope Aaron Rodgers has learned.

How to throw passes to himself because if not, Packers' games are going to look a whole lot like playing  

fetch with my dog (miss you Lucy)." Butkus felt justified after witnessing the Packers' regular-season debut.

On Wednesday evening, Butkus tweeted, "Told you so."The Packers discovered last weekend how challenging life without Davante Adams can be.

 The Packers' top receiver in Week 1 was running back AJ Dillon. Sammy Watkins.

 A seasoned wide receiver, had only 18 receiving yards, while Randall Cobb had only 14 receiving yards.

This issue ought to be somewhat resolved with Allen Lazard's return. But one of Romeo Doubs or Christian Watson  

must do well for the Packers. Sunday night's game between Green Bay and Chicago will be their return to action.

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