Dinner is served  Meghan and Harry and on the menu is 'revenge': royal expert

As reported,A dinner with Meghan, Harry, William, Kate and other royals didn't allegedly go quite. 

In LONDON, England Sometimes grief or the sudden loss of a loved one can make people see sense and bury the hatchet so that all can heal and move on. 

The gift that keeps on giving in the shape of former actress and activist Meghan Markle, together with her husband. 

Serving up that well-worn dish to her "favourite" charity, the story about the girl outside of the group,Meghan, was in Manchester in England. 

During services for the late Queen Elizabeth II Meghan Markle and Prince Harry holding hands. 

That the devoted and respectful people of Great Britain had brought in memory of her dear queen and they could observe the flowers. 

The reality is William and Catherine know that the true story was that William invited his brother and later suggested the wives. 

Meghan clutched onto Harry with super glue strength until.As she told a source who reports back and she said, I feel the media is wrong.