Disney announced release dates for 16 forthcoming films 2026. 

By priya

october 18,2022


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 As Blade's release date was delayed, Marvel revised their list of future movies to reflect 

The new dates for movies like Fantastic Four and Avengers: Secret Wars. 

 Phase 6 will now continue until May 2026 with the release of the sixth Avengers movie, as opposed to ending in the fall of 2025.

 Wakanda Forever "Black Panther"The forthcoming follow-up, which will conclude Marvel's 2017 theatrical season.

In addition to serving as the first MCU movie in Phase 5 of the MCU, Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania will launch Marvel's 2023 season.

 Vol. 3 of Guardians of the Galaxy This iteration of the Guardians will reportedly hold back for the final time in this interstellar adventure, which has been dubbed a darker, "far more emotional" film.

The Marvels, which will be released in theatres in July 2023, will tell the tale of Brie Larson's Carol Danvers 

Iman Vellani's Kamala Khan,  Teyonah Parris' Monica Rambeau as they switch bodies while wearing costumes.

– Sam Wilson's Captain America will make his big-screen debut in Captain America: New World Order in 2024.

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