Disney Dress Code: TikTokers share stories of stopping at theme parks and wearing an "inappropriate" shirt that "shows too much skin"

If you went to school in the late 20th century, dress codes are what you know, your ABC: A quick overview of the rules and you'll know if your choice of clothes is there in the guidelines. 

The rules that were eventually considered sexist are no longer as clear as they used to be, so there's always a bit of interpretation - and that's not exactly what caused the chaos in Disney parks.

There's nothing like a vacation, but how bad would it be for you to wear it before Mickey Mouse covers you? The trend of coding Disney Parks costumes is growing on social networks 

many people at TikTok use interaction as a sign of honor, in exchange for coverage is a free magnifying glass 

"Inappropriate" Disney employees. Disney's home theme parks, Walt Disney World and Disneyland, follow a set of guidelines for dressing them up. These instructions say, "Always wear the right clothes, including shoes and shirts."

"Parks are an informal environment suitable for families," he continues, urging visitors to ask for "discretion and common sense" when choosing clothes to visit the park.

The list of Disney items that are not considered suitable is long, including a comprehensive decision on what new costumes can be worn in the park. 

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