draymond green drops truth bomb on his future with the warriors

By  k.priya

october 17,2022


image credit:pinterest

 The Warriors' Draymond Green drops the bomb, announcing that he won't sign an extension. I'm attempting to win a championship this year.

 Draymond Green, who has long been considered a pillar of warriors, understands that he is not supported by his warriors.

Veteran has presented himself as an excellent defender due to his versatility but after a brief absence .

 between drums 1 week before the start of the season, his behavior turned negative, as was his image of the team. 

The Jordan bridge dispute that has worsened in front is becoming a threat to their future.

Before this incident, opinions on the direction of Draymond's contract discussions varied among experts.

Simply said, the Warriors would take care of him. However, given how this most recent crisis has developed,

 it appears less probable that they will be prepared to give Dray what he desires.

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