Dream Hotel Groundbreaking Set, plus Floor Plans and Construction Update

Dream hotel has chosen July 8, 2022 as the date for their groundbreaking ceremony. Grab your gold shovels and whatever else the kids are using to break ground now!

Dream Las Vegas will be on the Las Vegas Strip between the Las Vegas Harley Davidson dealer and the Pinball Hall of Fame. 

It is located near the "Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. The hotel will feature 526 rooms and will measure 19 stories high.

It will weigh in at 38,000 tons. The weight is something we are just guessing at. Although the Dream Hotel project was first announced in 2020, 

construction equipment has only recently been seen on the site. As is our custom when there is something new and shiny, we stopped by to inspect it.

McCarthy Building Companies confirmed that the equipment was used to drill piles. Or in this instance, test piles.

You might be wondering what "piles" are. This question is often asked by laypeople like you.

We were not an expert in this field, so we decided to look up piles on the Internet.

"A pile is essentially a long cylindrical of concrete or other strong material that is pushed into ground to provide support for structures being built on top."

We can only say, "Don't get started about spreading footings!" McCarthy states that piles are designed based on the soils,

as determined by geotechnical studies. Temporary piles serve to verify engineering. McCarthy representative said that the same equipment

(at the Dream Hotel site) will be used for permanent foundations in not too distant. It seems that Dream Hotel is now in operation.

Here is a view of Dream Hotel's profile from the south. The Dream Hotel's height is very important. It can reach a maximum height 237 feet.

Because the Dream Hotel is only 14 inches from the Las Vegas airport, the FAA was involved in this determination..

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