Dyson Daniels' mother stole the show in the NBA 2022 draft

Dyson Daniels' mother was in the spotlight of the NBA 2022 draft on Thursday night

Before Daniels was selected Pelicans with No. 8 proposals, which he took to the podium with his mother Brikitta Kool-Daniels on

his arm - a family moment when Dyson Daniels will be a trendy topic tonight, "said reporter Troy Machir.

Tweety, including a photo of Daniels and his mother, who was not wearing a white dress and pumps with an open toe.

"Twitter's NBA explodes after seeing Dyson Daniels' mother," one man wrote on Twitter.

Dyson Daniel's mother is a generation for the future, "another fan tweeted.

Another person asked if Daniels could be a trendy topic because of his mother or his silver metallic suit - what a fan would compare to "foil paper".