Elizabeth Holmes' former boyfriend Sunny Balwani admitted to defrauding investors and patients at Theranos

Ramesh "Brilliant" Balwani, the ex of Theranos coordinator Elizabeth Holmes, apparently was to blame for misleading 

And sham verbalizations about the association's advancement to lenders and patients.

An administration jury condemned Balwani, who joined Theranos' board in 2009 and a while later filled in as its chief

After a drawn out starter that experienced numerous deferrals because of the COVID-19 pandemic 

He was sentenced for 12 counts of wire blackmail and stunt.

Each count conveys a most outrageous sentence of 20 years in prison, notwithstanding a fine of $250,000.  

Balwani could similarly be mentioned to pay. An adjudicator will choose his sentence soon.

After Holmes was prosecuted for cheating, and got free from swindling patients, Balwani's choice comes after quite a while.