Elon Musk made a major promise to Iranians and Cubans 

Elon Musk, the world's most influential CEO, has fans who believe in his power to shake up the world order. 

Elon Musk's reputation continues to grow. 

Tesla's ( TSLA ) chief administrator has more than 106.2 million followers on Twitter, one of the platforms where trendsetters and thought makers meet, often as news breaks and agendas are set. 

Only four have more: the U.S. Former President Barack Obama has 133 million followers and three pop stars: Justin Bieber (114 million), Katy Perry (108.9 million), and Rihanna (106.6 million).

One way Musk has built his following is by not being afraid to weigh in on global affairs, as The Street has widely reported, especially when connected to the companies he runs: 

Tesla, a clean-energy-vehicle leader, Neuralink, a medical-tech designer, SpaceX, a rocket tech and service provider, and buildings-services company Boring Co.

And via telecom-service provider Starlink, the world's wealthiest man has become a spokesman for the freedom of millions of people living under totalitarianism.