Elon Musk nonetheless estimates 6 billion Tesla FSD miles for worldwide regulatory approval

He stated that it might probably take approximately 6 billion autonomous miles before a self-driving system receives worldwide regulatory approval. 

A lot has passed off since Tesla transitioned to a vision only method to the FSD Beta software being rolled out  but Musk’s 6 billion FSD miles estimate seems to have stayed the same. 

Musk lately reiterated his 6 billion FSD miles estimate on Twitter amid conversations with Tesla proprietors about the corporation’s complete Self-driving Beta application. 

Musk had introduced that FSD Beta 10.69.2 is now rolling out, although he additionally mentioned that users must count on the gadget to be overly cautious. 

Musk is known for overly ambitious targets that critics first discover not possible, then later criticised for being overdue. 

According to Tesla’s Q2 2022 update Letter in July, the enterprise’s FSD Beta fleet has successfully driven over 35 million miles, the majority of which became attained considering that October 2021. 

When Tesla announced that FSD Beta testers had already accrued over 35 million miles, this system became already at a factor where it had surpassed the cumulative miles of leaders inside the self reliant riding discipline. 

Google’s Waymo, the company widely considered the chief in autonomous use, for one, noted back in 2021 that its fleet had travelled 20 million actual world miles in 2009.