Elon Musk’s sister just explained why he’s the perfect example . Science shows most high Achievers had trouble. 

Howard schultz to madonna to eleanor roosevelt were very struggling from childhood madonna lost her mother to cancer at age 5 and Roosevelt’s dad drank himself to death 

The study of 400 high achievers who had at least two biographies about them an incredible 75 percent had experienced a difficult childhood. 

childhood can teach  .No one would wish trauma or abuse on any child ,an outsize capacity to handle stress toward negative feedback. 

Tesla and spaceX founder discuss difficult childhood  in a recent interview with the u.k. 's sunday times 

.Now she works as filmmaker and entrepreneur .Physical and mental abuse about their mother suffered from their father 

Maye Musk covered the book,where 2 and 4 respectively would cry in the corner, and Elon hit him on his knees was5 finally she left her husband 

At the wall street journal practice psychologist meg,musk can handle challenges ,engineering a reusable rocket