Emilia take over as Amber Aquaman 

After being picked by fans, see Emilia Clarke take over as Amber Heard's Aquaman.Kevin is hesitant,  

Amber Heard's replacement in Aquaman 2 has been a subject of constant fan uproar. Heard participated in a campaign 

– that garnered millions of signatures as part of a petition to get her removed from the movie.

Even before her trial against Johnny Depp had concluded. Coincidentally, the movie has been postponed again until December 

– Emilia Clarke was pictured wearing the costume in some fanart, and the public has already decided that she should take its place. The picture is seen below.

– As Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke became a household name. Up to the final season of the popular TV show, everyone adored her role.

– She ended up becoming ingrained into many of the best franchises as a result. As the Solo actress, Clarke made an appearance in Star War