Ex-NBA Star Reveals Impression About Brittney Griner 

Gilbert Arenas, a former Washington Wizards star, recently stopped on VladTV to discuss a variety of basketball-related subjects, including the issue involving Brittney Griner.

Vlad questioned why it took so long for the name of Brittney Griner to be included after the speaker rattled off a list of the top WNBA players.

Arenas replied, "The Phoenix Mercury center is more "valued" to the Russian crowd than in America, comparing it to former Knicks player Stephon Marbury in China. 

Let's just say she is the Queen of Russia ... thus whatever she wants, she gets 

You transport items like vape pens and similar items from one country, state, or city to another.  

Therefore, they already knew they had it on you before they really caught you. 

Arenas continued by saying that he believes it was a trap and that she is not actually doing time.