Ex-Raider Colin Kaepernick claims to have "one of the worst workouts ever"

Now that Colin Kaepernick's training with the Las Vegas Raiders has settled down, it's unlikely he'll sign with the team.

 When he had blown them away, he was about to be drawn.

 The fact that he remains unsigned means that the Raiders believe that his current level of talent is not worthy of the media attention he will bring.

After training, Kaepernick was widely reported to look strong with good arm strength and fitness.

. However, Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated later said that although the training was good, the quarterback "did not mislead anyone"

 The Raiders aren't on the market to compete in the beginning, but it looks like the team will stay with Nick Mullens and Jarrett Stidham rather than Derek Carr's advances. 

 There hasn't been much news for Kaepernick lately, but former Raiders says he has an understanding. 

 Fame defender Warren Sapp says from what he heard, the quarterback's training is worse than stated.

heard it was a disaster," Sapp said "Vlad TV." "I've heard ne of the worst workouts ever.

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