Fans of 'Thor: Love and Thunder' have noticed a CGI update for Disney Plus. 

Thor: Love and Thunder failed to live up to high expectations after the phenomenal Thor: Ragnarok. 

Aside from plot elements, the fourth instalment in Marvel's Thor franchise was criticised for the quality of its CGI. 

 apparently even by filmmaker Taika Waititi. The film was released on Disney Plus on Wednesday.

And fans noted on Twitter that at least one CGI-heavy scene appears to have been updated. 

"They patched Thor: Love and Thunder for the Disney+ version, and it appears to look even worse now 

The scene depicts Heimdall's son using his capability to project an avatar.  an enlarged picture of his face, throughout all long separations. 

Axl (formerly Astrid) informs Thor that Gorr the God Butcher has kidnapped and transported all of the children living in New Asgard to the Shadow Realm.

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