Farewell to our favorite Stranger Things 4 character

In the realm of Stranger Things, nothing gold can remain. Season 4 acquainted us with a few new characters 

some of whom got us with their appeal, others whose origin story essentially pulled at our heartstrings 

One of these characters was the reasonable champion of the time, the overlooked yet truly great individual of Hawkins, Indiana;  

somebody who brought the best out in each central part, and who we'll presumably miss until the end of our days 

In the principal episode of season 4, Eddie Munson, at the same time excessively cool for school and dorkily fixated on Dungeons  

Dragons, strolled into the Hawkins High School cafeteria - and straight into our souls.

Close to Max and Eleven, any reasonable person would agree that Eddie went through the most out of any person this season.