My first time driving a Tesla follows 14 other electric cars testing. This explains why Elon Musk's vehicles are so popular. 

The Model Y's smooth inside, rapid speed increase, and creative tech highlights put it aside. 

Yet, might the startup's famous vehicles at any point endure a blast of contenders from titans like Passage, General Engines, and Volkswagen?  

After testing in excess of twelve battery-controlled rides somewhat recently however never one made by Elon Musk I contemplated regardless of whether Teslas can satisfy everyone's expectations.  

A Presentation rendition that forfeits some reach for added snappiness is accessible for $4,000 extra, however, the base model is bounty sporty.  

Tesla doesn't have showrooms and on second thought sells its vehicles on the web, direct-to-shopper. Purchasers can take conveyance at a Tesla area or have their vehicle transported to their home.  

Tesla's high-level Autopilot highlight with certainty kept the SUV focused on its path and followed the progression of traffic. 

Utilizing Tesla's restrictive quick charging stations is surprisingly consistent contrasted and the frequently cumbersome course of topping off a non-Tesla at a public plug.  

While the Y's solid suspension helps nimbleness, it doesn't protect travellers well from uneven streets. I likewise saw loads of breeze and outside sound over 60 mph. 

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