First Filipino-American to win Miss USA, R'Bonney Gabriel. 

By Asha

October 7.2022

"They're overflowing with emotion since they are motivated to pursue pomp or something," she added.  

"Like I'm making ready for them to simply pursue anything they desire regardless of what it is. So it's an honour. 

"Class of 2021, I genuinely want to believe that I did right by you," Smith posted via online entertainment in front of the show, adding that triumphant the title was "The second that changed my life forever. 

"In December 2021, Gabriel turned into the main Asian American to guarantee the Miss Texas USA title.  

He met my mother in Texas, who is a country lady from Beaumont," Gabriel told ABC News' nearby partner in Houston. 

"My father moved to America from the Philippines on a school grant with about $20 in his pocket. He needed to clear another life for himself.  

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