First time since mid-July, Bitcoin drops below $20,000.

 On Monday, shareholders sold risky assets as Bitcoin momentarily fell below $20,000.

 As the Federal Reserve reaffirmed its dedication to a confrontational toughening path.

According to Coin Metrics data, the biggest digital market in the world fell 5% from Friday's close to overnight hit an intraday low of $19,526.

 A level haven't seen since July 13. Ether fell to $1,423, its lowest point in a month.

as other comprehensive digital tokens also experienced a sell-off. A single bitcoin last tried to trade for $20,266.

 Coincident with the rapid decline in cryptocurrency prices.

here was also a significant sell-off in American stocks, which was brought on by Fed Chairman  

 Jerome Powell's stern pledge to stop inflation during a speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.