Fitness exercise to relieve your back pain ,restore your health

back pain relief exercise is very helpful than medicines exercise is more

effective for relieving lower back pain than passive approaches such a medication, bed rest and support brace

most back pain sufferers, the path to relief actually involves moving through the pain. That notion may seem counterintuitive.

Listening to your body mindfullness medication and breathing technique can help strengthen your mind body connection

bodies many of these exercises can work for low back pain with sciatic nerve symptom

Exercises for breathing and posture Practicing proper diaphragmatic breathing is the foundation of all the back pain treatment and prevention program

Breathing bridge Avoid letting your low back arch by using the strength of your core and glutes.

Exercises for hip and pelvis mobility your hips are tight or your pelvis doesn't move freely, you put pressure on your low back.

It's important to avoid that pressure by creating a healthy balance of hip and pelvi

Exercises for midback rrotation This double bent-knee twist uses breathing

and corresponding rib movement to support healthy rotation from middle of your back

These all excercise are helpful for relieving from back pain it very simple to do in your day by day life .

Excercise for knee its helpful for reducing knee pain instantly it very useful to All