Five brand new Netflix releases that everyone should be checking this weekend 

One of the most popular Netflix release ever is back kind of.

The Spanish-language action thriller The Money Heist was released in 2017, was a thrilling action-packed thriller featuring  

a chic group of thieves operating under the guidance of a genius figure named The Professor  

who (initially) enter The Royal Mint of Spain. There was a Robin Hood, us-against-the-system vibe to the show 

a populist streak that helped turn it into a staggeringly huge Netflix original series.

In reality, three of the show's five seasons have slots on the streaming company's Top 10 list of the most popular non-English 

TV series ever produced and have racked up many millions hours of viewing across the globe in between.  

That being said how can you not blame Netflix of wanting revive the series that has ended and to give it  

a go in Korean and transforming the show into a brand-new Netflix release to a larger worldwide viewership?