Shaq Discusses Why He Did It And How He Used To Push Kobe Bryant's Buttons When They Were Lakers Teammates.

 Over the years, the NBA has produced some outstanding on-court pairings, like Magic Johnson and Kareem.

Abdul-Jabbar and (the quarrelling) Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Naturally, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille.

O'Neal are another pair of athletes who have to be counted among their ranks.

Few would contest the two Los Angeles Lakers alumni's effectiveness and influence on the game despite their "complex" connection. 

 In recent years, Shaq has been frank about their time as athletes and recently explained how he’d push Bryant’s buttons, as well as why he’d do it.

The biggest basketball players to ever don an NBA uniform.

They always seemed to be playing. with a serious approach.

When given the chance, he didn't mind being a troll and making fun of his rivals and teammates. 

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