Following his testimony to the Trump committee on January 6, the documentary maker now has two armed guards to protect him

– BBC News reported that documentary filmmaker Alex Holder now has two armed guards who follow him everywhere."

According to Rolling Stone, Discovery+ provided the security detail, describing the measures as preemptive. 

BBC News reported that a British documentary maker who filmed the Trump family in the lead-up to his 2020 election loss said two security guards now accompany him.

"My life literally changed a week ago when two armed guards started following me around in this studio," Alex Holder said during a BBC News interview on Wednesday.

Holder has become the subject of conspiracy theories since he gave evidence to the House committee on January 6 about hours of footage he shot before the presidential election.

Some believe I'm an undercover FBI agent, while others believe I'm an MI6 spy, Holder told BBC News. There are all kinds of conspiracies and threats.

The former president of the United States spoke about the 2020 election in Georgia on video. 

A clip from the clip shows then-President Trump calling Brad Raffensperger, Georgia's secretary of state, and Georgia governor Brian Kemp, a Republican, "stupid people."