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Sorry, Sriracha fans, your favorite hot sauce will be spilling all over the country.

Sriracha's Huy Fong Foods company wrote to customers in late April that they would have to stop making the sauce in the coming months due to "adverse weather conditions that will affect quality."

The spicy sauce followed the cult, so when the news was filtered, some fans went to social networks to express their frustration and publish a panic post 

Grocery stores in some parts of the country are already starting to run out and restaurant owners will have to deal with higher prices.

Michael Csau, co-owner of Pho Viet Restaurant in Washington D.C., has paid more to Srirach for his orders in recent weeks.

"Usually when I buy something, it's almost 30 to 32 USD. Now it's up to $ 50, almost double the price. If this continues, we will not be able to afford it, "said Csau.

If the price is higher, Csau said he will probably have to move to another market 

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