found inside mediaeval manuscript lost for millennia 


By priya

october 23,2022

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Greek astronomer Hipparchus, who made the first known attempt to map the entire nigh in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula

In the Journal for the History of Astronomy, the researchers' findings were published on October 18. 

"I was quite excited from the beginning." The presence of star coordinates was immediately apparent. 

which was around 129 B.C., when Hipparchus was an experienced astronomer whooping it up in the night skies. 

Pliny the Elder, a renowned scientist and military leader in the early Roman Empirecaused him to wonder whether this was a frequent occurrence 

Although references to Hipparchus' famous inventory still existit and its duplicates had been lost until today.

During the Iraq War, Hobby Lobby was compelled to turn over to federal officials 17,000 illicit additional pages from the star catalog, according to the scholars. 

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