Frankie Grande was forewarned by Madonna that his marriage wouldn't 'end well.M  

1. Don't join a trio, Madonna once advised Frankie Grande, according to the singer.

The Broadway actor, 39, stated on the "Tamron Hall Show" on Wednesday, "I was talking to Madonna of all people — talking to the queen — and I told her about the throuple, and she genuinely said, 'Well, that's not going to end well.'" 

He said, "She mentioned that, and I still did it  

 In 2018, Grande famously started dating married men Daniel Sinasohn and Mike Pophis, but — surprise! 

The "Titanique: The Musical" performer admitted to Tamron Hall that he doesn't always adhere to social conventions and is willing to take a risk on love 

Grande did, however, come to the conclusion that he wanted to be married after spending romantic time with two partners. 

The twice-divorced Queen of Pop gave some wise words of counsel. 

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