Fuel regulation decreased shipping's impact air pollution 

By priya

october 20,2022


image credit :google

A NASA study reveals evidence that fuel regulation decreased shipping-related air pollution.

 Artificial "ship track" clouds became record-low due to a global regulation reducing the amount of sulphur in ship fuel.

 2020: low levels. Disruptions brought on by pandemics played a supporting role.

from the Mediterranean Sea to the North Pacific. However, satellite scans in 2020 revealed fewer of such traces of pollution. 

Ship track formation was probably decreased by a global norm that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) imposed in 2020

and called for an 86% reduction in fuel sulphur content. 

 Trade repercussions brought on by COVID-19 also contributed marginally to the decline.

Ship tracks can be used as case studies for a component of climate change due to their importance in global trade.

and how that affects how much radiation Earth absorbs before reflecting back into space,

A slower pace of Chinese imports and exports of raw materials and commodities ,

 between 2014 and 2016 may have contributed to an even greater decline.

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