Global Warming Isn't the Biggest Problem. 

According to Elon Musk, global warming is not the biggest problem in the world

Musk helped to establish tesla, an organization whose objective is to assist with building a reasonable world.

" Tesla is to safeguard life on Earth, SpaceX to broaden life past," the sequential business person said about the mission of his two notable organizations on July 15.

Musk wrote in August 2006 when he presented, through a blog entry, what he called "The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me)."

Tesla has consequently sped up the change of the car area to electric vehicles, which diminishes CO2 discharges from the most involved method of transport on the northern side of the equator.

tesla has subsequently accelerated difference in the vehicle region to electric vehicles,which reduces co2 releases from the most elaborate technique for transport on the northern side of the equator.

he definitely implies that it is more of a question of need. Essentially, we need to rethink the needs. What’s more, at the first spot on the list ought to be the issue of popular.