Google Accidentally Sends $250,000

By saloni team     

September 20,2022

Incorrect payment of about $250,000 was sent to a security engineer by Google.

Sam Curry, a security engineer at Yuga Labs, tweeted from his verified account that 

the tech firm "randomly" sent him $249,999 "a little over 3 weeks ago."

Curry tweeted on September 13 with a picture of what looks to be an almost $250,000 payment from "Google LLC

I'm still waiting for a response to my support ticket. It's alright if you don't  

want it returned." He added.Curry said on Monday that he has  

subsequently gotten in touch with Google and refunded the money to the tech giant."

As an outcome of a human error, our staff recently paid the incorrect party, a  

Google representative stated.Curry said, “I found the whole thing to be quite funny, was sad to return it.”

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