Government of  Sweden's Far-right support 

By ramya

october 18,2022


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Oct. 17 (UPI) — In what seems to be an expanding regional trend, the Swedish parliament on Monday 

Ulf Kristersson was chosen by the parliament.will join with the Liberals and Christian Democrats

 on September 11th, the far-right faction won 20% of the 349 seats in the Swedish parliament

"We fought for a change mandate during the most recent election because we believed it was required, and now that change is possible." 

Kristersson's ruling coalition made a vow to reduce taxes. He is anticipated to present his list of ministers  

"authoritarian, conservative, and patriotic," according to Green Party leader Per Bolund, the BBC said.

founding of the Sweden Democrats in 1988 .the first far-right government in Italy since Benito Mussolini. 

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