Gracie Hill McGraw, daughter of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, clarifies her social media presence.

Gracie Hill McGraw, the daughter of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, frequently posts images of herself on social media, having amassed a large fan base in recent years after becoming a star in her own right.

The talented Broadway actress suddenly learned, however, that other accounts were impersonating her, and she has begun to set the record straight.

She sent a defiant statement alongside a selfie on Instagram Stories, stating, "Everyone, this is my sole Instagram account and my only social media platform in general."

If you receive a follow from a Gracie McGraw account that is not this one, it is a phoney." This weekend, Faith and Tim's daughter updated her followers on her sunny vacay. Prior to her forthcoming July 21 Broadway Sings performance, Gracie has been spending time by the ocean.

Gracie is the oldest child of Tim and Faith. The pair is also the parents of gifted singers Maggie and Audrey. Audrey had previously posted videos of herself singing on social media and received praise from Rita Wilson.

Maggie's social media presence is inactive, however she was in a band at Stanford University, from which she graduated a few years ago.

When Audrey left home a year ago, Faith and Tim were faced with a significant adjustment, and they discussed being empty nesters shortly thereafter.

Tim told People at the time, "You're used to getting up in the morning, taking children to school, attending softball, basketball, and cheerleading practises, and all of a sudden that's gone when your final child departs."