– Greetings from Wrexham, the Future Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney appear earnest in their emotions.

– The monetary support of a Welsh soccer team. They do not, however, simply observe its story.

– Unendingly challenging to categorise Welcome to Wrexham, the new FX documentary series.

– About Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney acquiring the football team Wrexham A.F.C. 

– the show nothing more than a high-profile marketing campaign? Can a documentary series be considered authentic?I

– if its subjects also produced the documentary? Just a reality show, then? Is it easier to just categorise it as performance art?

– Even while I cringe at the thought of such questions, there is one feature of this show that has made it something I watch on a regular basis.

– To its credit, Welcome to Wrexham is frank about how overburdened Reynolds and McElhenney.

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