Gurman: The iPhone 14 Pro's cutouts will resemble "one wide pill" in fact.

In place of the notch, the iPhone 14 Pro versions are reported to  

have a pill-shaped cutout and a second hole-punch cutout for the Face ID system.

However, this morning's pre-event reports suggested that the  

cuts will be integrated into a single bigger cutout using software.

It's anticipated that Apple would consolidate the pill and hole  

cutouts into a single cutout for a more streamlined aesthetic experience.

The new cutout, which is in the form of a pill and will not connect to 

the device's top, will resemble the notch nonetheless.

In order to create the illusion of a single cutout, Apple will turn 

off the pixels in the empty space between the two cutouts.

The original rumor's source also asserted that Apple might enlarge  

the cutouts' blacked-out surrounding areas for content purposes.