Gwyneth Paltrow shared her photoshoot photos bathing in a milk tub on Instagram

Gwyneth wore a white bikini when she is bathing in the milk she posted photos on Instagram

Reality vs. Instagram," the side-by-side shots showed the process of getting a blissful-looking photo of Paltrow submerged in milk

Gwyneth Paltrow wore a white bikini and exposed herself in a white tub to promote her new goop glow dark spot exfoliating sleep milk

While the second slope shows Gwyneth soaking fully in the milk tub with nothing her arms head and beaming smile poking out 

the first shot showed the former actress hilariously drenched in milk while wearing a tiny white bandeau-style bikini top and matching white bottoms. 

Gwyneth said her 1999 Oscar win for Shakespeare In Love is what first caused her to rethink her career.

Gwyneth's continued dedication to Goop comes just days after she shared that she has no plans to act again anytime soon

Gwyneth posted images on Instagram and captioned reality vs Instagram on the post