Halsey shares her story of having three miscarriages: "My abortion was a lifesaver and made the opportunity for my son to be born'

Halsey has spoken out about their miscarriages three timesone of which required medical intervention to stop the pregnancy 

an emotional piece published in Vogueresponding to Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe in v. Wade and legally protected abortion rights.

In the essay, which is titled "My Abortion Saved My Life," the singer-songwriter, who uses pronouns like she/they discusses 

the difficulties they face with carrying a pregnancy until the end of. She is now 27 and mother of an almost 1-year-old son called Ender, 

Halsey had lost three births at the age of 24. She writes. "It was a tragic irony that I could become pregnant easily,

and struggled to sustain the pregnancy," Halsey, who suffers from endometriosis and is a mother of two, states. 

"One one of the miscarriages I had needed "aftercare," a kind way to say that I'd require an abortion because my body wasn't able 

to end the pregnancy on its own , and I was at risk of developing Sepsis and not have medical assistance. 

While I was in the procedure, I broke down crying. I was scared for my life and was in a state of despair. 

I wanted to stop the pregnancy that was in danger of ending my life."