Here’s How Ben’s Daughter Feels About J-Lo After Skipping His Wedding to Be ‘Loyal’ to Mom Jen Garner

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have finally made it 

Years after their initial engagement in early 2000 and lots of other relationships Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have finally made it down the aisle

The couple is officially married page six reports court records obtained by the outlet confirm a marriage license field on Saturday, 

July 16 in Clark country Nevada showing their full legal names

According to people the couple's wedding consisted of a small ceremony only their closet loved ones

They planned September 2003 nuptials never happened to crush the hearts of Bennifer fans everywhere

Affleck and Lopez revealed that their parting of ways was fueled by excessive media their relationship is receiving at the time

According to Hollywood life Lopez tied to marc Anthony in 2004 the marriage ended in 2014 divorce

Welcoming three children along the way garner and Affleck grew apart

They each other well-being amid an incredibly public divorce btw garner and Affleck  Now high profile wedding between Affleck and JLo