Here's what occurred when I did Chris Hemsworth's resistance band workout from Thor: Love and Thunder.

It turns out that resistance bands, not a hammer, are Thor's hidden weapon.

Ever pondered Chris Hemsworth's secret to becoming in shape for the role of Thor? It was a set of resistance bands, not his lightning-infused hammer.  

Put down your Mjölnir, Luke Zocchi, Hemsworth's personal trainer, has revealed the exact workout they performed during filming.

In order to get a quick pump, Zocchi explained they used resistance bands rather than pausing for a full weights exercise. 

The greatest resistance bands are lightweight and transportable, making them ideal for taking on vacation in your hand luggage or even to a movie set.

According to Zocchi, resistance bands operate by enabling you to isolate specific muscles and continuously contracting those muscles throughout their range of motion. 

"In contrast to dumbbells, where tension might be removed at specific points, resistance bands maintain constant stress on the muscles throughout the whole action of an exercise.  

Resistance training helps with toning. Versatile equipment allows you to target your arms, legs, or glutes.