His 'wicked sleep apnea' has a pure, no-cost solution 

My body was covered in 24 electrodes, and a plastic mask linked to a tube covered my face when I woke up in a new bedroom.

My "wicked sleep apnea" was "central sleep apnea," a condition that originates in the brain and prevents the brain from telling the muscles to inhale

Second, the American health system has collaborated with business partners to define a medical condition—in this case, sleep apnea 

in a way that enables both parties to profit from an array of pricy diagnostic tests, equipment sales, and dubious therapies.Obstructive sleep apnea is the same in both case

Lack of therapy may make some cardiovascular disorders more likely to develop because of the consequent disturbance in oxygen flow.

So I got in touch with a sleep clinic, and the medical staff offered me a $365 at-home test. 

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