Holder of Nyc restaurant said that James Corden "apologised profusely" by being denied. 

By ramya

october 19,2022


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He previously posted on Monday, "James Corden is a Massively brilliant comedian. 

But a little Cretin of just a man. And the patron who has been nasty to my Balthazar servers. 

And he has been the most frequent since the restaurant's debut 25 years ago. 

McNally continued, "I don't typically 86 customers, but I 86'd Corden today.  

I didn't laugh at it." 

He continued by describing Corden's "crazy man's treatment of my staff" during two visits to his business. 

And asserted that Corden had exhibited a similar mentality at McNally's former eatery, Cafe Luxembourg

The first incident occurred in June while Corden was placed at table 61

And then he discovered hairs in his dinner, according to McNally

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