House of Dragon Larys & Alicent Feet Scene Fan Reactions 

By ;ramya

october 21,2022


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 Fans of House of the Dragon were disturbed by a fetishistic exchange in the most recent episode involving Alicent Hightower and Larys Strong.

Earlier in the series, Larys presented himself as a bizarre hybrid of Littlefinger, 

and Varys from Game of Thrones, helping Alicent and her family rise to prominence in secret. 

 When the disloyal aristocrat murdered his own father and brother in order to inherit the Strong family stronghold of Harrenhal. 

Despite the fact that his deeper motivations go beyond a rise in position, Larys has presented himself as one of her only loyal. 

The method of payment the Queen pays the unavowed Lord of Harrenhal for his services,  

 Alicent erodes her dignity to keep her family's reputation in court by giving him her bare feet so that he can masturbate over them. 

8added to the unease among fans on Twitter regarding Alicent's relationship with Larys. 

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