House of the Dragon Episode 9 Ending Explained

By divya

 18 october 2022


The ninth episode of House of the Dragon is here, and we hoped for something more significant given that the season is coming to a conclusion.

It's still entertaining to watch the families become more fragmented than ever as the greens seize power.

At the conclusion of Episode 8, King Viserys dies, and this is when the real chaos starts.

Remember that Alicent thinks Viserys' last wish was for their son Aegon to become king.

The final scene of episode 9 features Rhaenys with her dragon Meleys before the show closes with Aegon becoming crowned.

Erryk Cargyll liberates Rhaenys from her room prior to the ceremony, 

and she makes an attempt to leave but is driven by the city's crowd and ends herself at the coronation.

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