How Albert Wesker is still alive, explained by Lance Reddick

Netflix's Inhabitant Evil: The Final Chapter follows Dr. Albert Wesker 14 years after the development of the T-disease drug.

Tragically, Wesker kicked the bucket in 2009 subsequent to falling into a wellspring of fluid magma and being hit with an impact.

A 2005 flashback in Episode 7 figures out exactly the manner by which Wesker appears in the series, no matter what that scorching passing.

The wicked scientist truly cloned himself in a burrow in the Arklay mountains, making Albert, Bert and Alby 

Alby is killed by Wesker when Evelyn rushes in on his examination with her fighters to destroy the verification.

It is the veritable Wesker wearing the dull parka in the flashback who is "still alive in a sanctuary with his clones."

The decision to include clones as a way to deal with bringing Wesker back was a basic one for showrunner Andrew Dabb.

"Clones have reliably a piece a significant piece of Resident Evil. It just turned out to be obvious in a couple different ways," Dabb tells TVLine.