I feel the very same as a TikTok maker that revealed a secret stunt to make the scrawls on your screen captures way neater:  

Most shapes work here, truth be told. On the off chance that you love squares, square shapes, or even triangles, essentially draw them messily and afterwards hold them down to observe enchantment. 

I have no clue about when Apple added this to the screen capture apparatus, however, it's been accessible since iOS 15 in any event. 

A comparable stunt has likewise been accessible in the Notes application for two or three years.  

I feel dumb for not knowing this, however, the iOS screen capture device is loaded with slick stunts that aren't self-evident.

You can make a full website page screen capture in the event that you're utilizing Safari and save it to PDF. 

There's even a magnifier you can use to feature a piece of a screen capture by lessening the haziness around it.

On the off chance that you think the screen capture device in iOS is brimming with pearls, investigate the home screen or even iPadOS.  

Apple frequently conceals helpful elements behind touch signals that will constantly wow you once you understand they exist.

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