How past exchange endeavors for Shaq, Kobe and Kawhi could illuminate the Kevin Durant exchange scene

At the point when Kevin Durant informed the Brooklyn Nets he might want to be exchanged away from the establishment 

it started off one of the greatest discussions in NBA history.

How do we have any idea about this? Since, per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, around 50% of the groups across the association have previously made requests. 

In any case, it's a long way from whenever an unequaled extraordinary player first has changed groups in the NBA. 

As a matter of fact, throughout recent years, it has happened over and over, from Shaquille  

O'Neal to Kevin Garnett to Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard, just to give some examples.

So to process precisely exact thing a Kevin Durant arrangement could seem to be 

the following are three illustrations gained from probably the greatest exchange requests NBA history.