How to Evaluate Success of fb Ads?  

For some companies, Facebook advertising has lost some of its appeal.

 Due to the rising cost of advertising, businesses now have to compete more fiercely for Facebook advertising spaces.

 You don't test Facebook advertising sufficiently, which is one of the common Facebook ad budget errors. Facebook Ads Metrics are not your interest. 

You don't employ extra-Facebook tracking techniques. A budget is not used for Facebook advertisements.

How to Calculate the Cost of Facebook Advertising .The cost of the commodity or service you are advertising.

The price of each lead generated by Facebook advertisements.

The current conversion rate for those much you need to sell in order to break even.

How to Check Your Facebook Ads' Results Tracking at Different Levels. Rate of Clicks on Facebook Ad Links (CTR). Leads from Facebook Ads Cost (CPL)

 Every marketer is aware of the changes tracking has undergone in recent years.

 Facebook now has a little less data about its users and those who visit your website than it did previously.The difficulty of tracking conversions has significantly increased.

Around the same time, Facebook introduced some predictive analysis to its analytics. This suggests that the system makes an effort to forecast your results.

Although these predictions can be very illuminating, they cannot take the place of actual, verifiable facts.

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