How to Watch 10 Awesome Whodunnit TV Shows

It’s a mystery - a murder mystery. Like it or not, lots of people are into murder mysteries. 

And while there are plenty of murder mystery movies out there, such as Murder on the Orient Express or Knives Out (which is getting a 2022 sequel on Netflix)

 From hits coming from the 2022 TV schedule, such as Only Murders in the Building, to older shows that you’ll surely love just as much, these are 10 of the best “whodunnit” TV shows that you should most certainly check out. 

Only Murders in the Building is an excellent new show that you should watch. 

Twin Peaks is an older show from the 1990s that is an excellent whodunit series.

True Detective is a crime drama in which we follow a new cast and a new story as they take on a new mystery that somehow gets even crazier than the last.

AppleTV+ has been releasing some fantastic shows, and The Afterparty is no exception. 

How to Watch 10 Awesome Whodunnit TV Shows