I purchased a $2,000 electric mini-pickup truck from China last year. Here's how it's faring. Last year

 I came across an awesome-looking electric mini-truck on a Chinese shopping website and knew I had to have it.

With a $2,000 asking price, I figured it was risky, but I wouldn't lose the farm if the deal fell through.

As a result, I embarked on one of the most bizarre vehicle purchases of my life.

I've spent years observing the growth of China's electric vehicle industry.  

I'm not referring to Tesla knockoffs or other mainstream Chinese EVs.

I'm referring to the odd, strange, and amusing little mini-EV industry that China has completely dominated.

Not only do I write a fun tongue-in-cheek column every weekend tracking the silliest of these mini-EVs,

but I occasionally put my own money on the line by purchasing the ones I can't resist or hide from my wife.